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I need to recover data

Need more information on our products or recovery capabilities? Visit our main iPhone recovery page.
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Are you from an online/offline publication? Get in touch with our marketing team, who will be happy to assist you.
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There are a number of different ways to get in touch with us if you need assistance with any of our products. To help you get the support you need more quickly, its helpful if you can include as much detail in your initial contact as possible. This includes information like which product you are using, your device and your operating system.

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Our Help portal is filled with lots of useful tips and frequently asked questions. We’re always adding to this information based on feedback we receive from our users, so it’s always worth checking to see if your query has already been asked and answered in our Support documentation!


Send our support team an email, detailing your issue. You can also attach any screenshots of the issue you’re experiencing, which can help us to resolve your issue faster.

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Our Support Team

We offer support via live chat and email, if you need assistance with any of our products.

James A. Baylon
James A. Baylon

Customer Support Team Leader
(Tier 3 Technical Support)

James has 13 years’ experience and is our Support Team Leader. He is an expert in Mac and Windows desktop software, troubleshooting and phone data recovery.

Alvin Suan
Alvin Suan

Customer Support Agent
(Tier 3 Technical Support)

Alvin has 7 years’ experience providing support to users across a range of technical issues. He specialises in Windows desktop software, troubleshooting and helping users recover deleted data.

Kent Alfeche
Kent Alfeche

Customer Support Agent
(Tier 2 Technical Support)

Kent has 9 years’ experience providing hardware and software support to users. He specialises in data recovery and data restore support.

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