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What To Do When You’ve Dropped Your iPhone in Water

There’s no denying the sleek, smooth design of the iPhone looks and feels great in your hand, however sometimes these features can be problematic. Whether it’s from trying to do to many things at once or a typical ‘butter fingers’ moment, many of us can tell the tale of how we almost dropped our iPhone […]

What to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Well the good news is, if you are reading this on your device you’ve managed to get an internet connection from somewhere, even if it’s not your iPhone. It’s unfortunate, but many iPhone users experience problems connecting their iPhone to a Wi-Fi connection after upgrading to iOS 7. The funny thing is, others experience connectivity […]

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Stolen

Your iPhone is most likely to be the most valuable item you have on you at all times. The compact size and high street value make iPhones a prime target for thieves. It’s natural to go through a host of emotions when something has been stolen from you including fear, anger, surprise, confusion and anxiety. […]

The 5 Best Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

We’ve all been there when you glance over at your iPhone to find that it’s in the 20% or lower red battery zone. It’s always a dreaded sight, especially when you’ve spent the best part of the morning charging it to a safe 100%! Part of the problem lies within the regular iOS software upgrades […]

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The Enigma Recovery journey has been a long one starting back in 2003. Every successful company has a compelling story to tell and ours is no different.  Many companies may want to hide their metamorphosis from one thing to another, but I feel it’s enlightening and interesting to know and share.  I have no shame […]