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What is an iPhone Backup File?

Find out what an iPhone backup is, and if you have one! Put quite simply an iPhone backup file is a copy of the data on your iPhone. Each time you sync your iOS Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) to iTunes or your iCloud account, an automatic backup is made (unless you have […]

Recover Deleted Text Messages from SIM Card

The SIM Recovery PRO is a forensic recovery too built for the everyday user, to recover deleted text messages from SIM card. As well as a fully functioning SIM card reader, the SIM Recovery PRO allows users to view, save and organise deleted SMS text messages saved to the SIM, rather than the phone itself. […]

How to Recover Data from a Broken iPhone

Retrieve data from your damaged iPhone “AHHH!” is more often than not the first reaction after you have broken your iPhone. True? Aside from all the money you have paid for it, anxiety over all of the data you have just lost will certainly make an appearance in your concerns. Photos, text messages, contacts, notes, […]

What to Do With a Damaged IPhone

How to handle, treat and repair a broken iPhone There’s no better cure for a broken iPhone other than if someone were to wave a magic wand, undoing the error and fixing the issue. Unfortunately if you don’t have the “hook-up” at Hogwarts it’s safe to say that’s not going to happen! Not to worry, […]

The Best Way to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone

Recover Deleted Files from an iPhone The article below covers everything from accidentally pressing delete to accidentally baking an iPhone into a cake, (yes…this has actually happened before) we’ve seen and heard it all! If you want to recover deleted iPhone files, your iPhone data recovery process awaits below. Read on to discover the best […]