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How to Transfer iPhone Text Messages to your PC

Did you know that on average, 16 million mobile messages are sent per minute around the world? That’s almost 23 million messages per day. That’s a hell of a lot of funny memes, bright stickers, ‘LOLs’ and ‘OKs’. Many messages will also contain important information that will need to be saved and backed up at […]

Lost iPhone Data After iOS 10.3 Upgrade?

iOS 10.3 was released last week by Apple, and is now available to download. Although many iPhone users have reported finding more storage on their devices, as usual, many have experienced data loss throughout the update process. It’s no secret that things often go wrong during an iOS upgrade that’s why it’s important to backup […]

Retrieve Old Messages from Your New iPhone

What’s the first thing you do when you get a new iPhone? Try out all the brand new features of course! Everything’s all water resistant this, ear pods that, faster speed here, larger battery there. I supposed you’d expect nothing less, you have to get used to your new phone right? Ever started to use […]

SmartPhone Recovery PRO Becomes Enigma Recovery

Three becomes one Our SmartPhone Recovery PRO products have been joined together to become one powerful recovery solution for smart device owners – Enigma Recovery. In our mission to make the best innovative solutions for data recovery on smart devices worldwide, Enigma Digital (formerly Infinity Wireless), have released Enigma Recovery. The Enigma Recovery software is […]

How to recover data from a broken Android device?

Hey you, I know you’re probably panicking over your broken android device, and need to recover most if not all of your data. This issue can happen to anyone, but there is hope to recover your data on your broken Android. Enigma Recovery has created desktop software, which can recover deleted data from your Android […]