How to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

How to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud
How to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud
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More and more people are using smart devices to take photos, send messages and store important data. Making sure that all of these files are safe should be a priority, especially considering that damaging your iPhone, or deleting data by mistake can easily happen. That’s why it is so important to make sure that you are maintaining regular backups of your iPhone data.

As an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, you have the option to back up your device through Apple’s iTunes or iCloud services, which will create a copy of your device at the time of backup. If you have iCloud backups turned on, then your device will automatically sync with iCloud when it is connected to Wi-Fi and a power source. To create an iTunes backup, you will need to manually connect your device to your computer and back up through iTunes. With both of these methods, there will still be some limitations to how you can control and manage your data. If you haven’t turned on the iCloud backup feature, then you may find yourself in a situation where recovering data from an iCloud backup is not an option. Recovering data from an iTunes backup file will also be impossible if you have never synced your iPhone before.

How is it possible to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?

The safest way to backup and recover your iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud is by using Enigma Recovery’s solutions. With Enigma Backup, you can backup your SMS Text Messages and iMessages to our secure cloud solution. You’ll also be able to view and manage your messages outside of your device, directly in the Enigma Backup dashboard, which you cannot currently do using iTunes or iCloud. Using Enigma Recovery, you can recover and backup data from your iOS device.

With Enigma Backup, you can back up the following data types to our secure, encrypted cloud solution:

  • SMS Text Messages
  • iMessages

With Enigma Recovery, users can back up these files to your Mac or Windows computer:

  • SMS Text Messages
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • Call history
  • Notes
  • Calendar events
  • WhatsApp History
  • Photos
  • Internet History
  • Videos

Backup your Text Messages and iMessages without iTunes or iCloud

If using an iTunes or iCloud backup to sync your Text Messages or iMessages is not an option for you, then Enigma Backup will enable you to backup your data by connecting your iPhone to your computer and then uploading your messages to our secure cloud server.


Step 1 – Download and open Enigma Backup

Download and install the free Enigma Backup software to your Mac or Windows computer, opening the software once the installation is complete.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Connect iPhone to Mac or PC

Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable – if this is the first time you are connecting your device, you will need to ‘Trust’ the device on your computer.

Connect iphone and trust computer

Step 3 – Backup iOS Device

After the software has recognised your device, click ‘Backup from my iOS device’ – you can backup messages from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Wait whilst the software creates a backup of your Text Messages and iMessages.

Backup iOS device

Step 4 – Create Enigma Backup Account

Once the backup has completed, you will be prompted to create an Enigma Backup account – its completely free, and will enable you to access a full 30-day free trial.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 5 – Upload Text Messages and iMessages

With your Enigma Backup account created, you can now upload your Text Messages and iMessages to our cloud service – it is fully 256-bit End-to-End Encrypted, so it’s completely secure.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 6 – Login to Enigma Backup and View Messages

On any web browser, you can log in to your Enigma Backup account using the login credentials you set earlier. Once logged in, you will able to manage and view your Messages on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

Login to enigma backup and view messages

Step 7 – Export, Email or Print Messages

Once you’ve viewed your messages, you can choose whether to store them in the Enigma Backup cloud, or export, email or print your messages directly from your device.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

Backup iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud

In addition to the Enigma Backup solution, we also offer Enigma Recovery software, which can be used to back up your remaining iPhone data by connecting your device to a computer with the help of a USB cable. Follow the instructions below to back up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud:

Enigma Recovery™

Backup, transfer and recover iPhone files using your PC/Mac

Download Now

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Step 1 – Download, install and open Enigma Recovery

Download the Enigma Recovery software to your laptop or computer and open it.

Step One - download and open Enigma Recovery

Step 2 – Connect device

Open the program and connect your iPhone to the computer with your USB charger cable. The tool will identify your device after you have tapped ‘Trust’ on your device to trust the computer.

Step two – connect device

Step 3 – Select Data Type(s)

Choose the data type(s) that you want to transfer from your iPhone to your computer. You can select all data types by clicking ‘All my data’.

Step three – types of data

Step 4 – Transfer Data

Now click ‘Start scan’ and the software will scan your phone and make a copy of your data to transfer to the computer. The scanning process may take a while depending on how much data there is.

Step four – scan and transfer data

Step 5 – View Data

After the scan, you will be able to view all of the data retrieved from your phone. This will consist of existing items and deleted items found in the back-end of your device. By clicking on each type of data you can view all of your files.

Step five – View data

Step 6 – Save Data

You can create your iPhone backup without iTunes or iCloud. Select the Export option to save the files directly to your computer, by clicking ‘Export & Restore’ > ‘Export to desktop’ > Select folder ‘Browse’ > ‘Export’.

Step six – view data & export


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