How to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

How to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud
How to backup your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud
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Maintaining regular backups of your iPhone is vital to protect the photos, messages and important data we store on our devices.

As an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, you can of course back up your device through Apple’s iTunes or iCloud services, which will create a copy of your device at the time of backup. If you have iCloud backups turned on, then your device will automatically sync with iCloud when it is connected to Wi-Fi and a power source. To create an iTunes backup, you will need to manually connect your device to your computer and back up through iTunes. There will, however, be some limitations on your ability to control and manage your data when you back up via these methods. If you haven’t turned on the iCloud backup feature, then you may find yourself in a situation where recovering data from an iCloud backup is not an option. Recovering data from an iTunes backup file will also be impossible if you have never synced your iPhone before.

How is it possible to back up your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?

The safest way to back up and recover your iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud is by using a trusted, all-in-one data recovery and storage solution like Enigma Recovery.

You can install Enigma Recovery on both Mac and Windows PCs (we support Mac OS v10.7 to 10.15 and v11, plus Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) – so let’s get started!

How to back up your iPhone with Enigma Recovery’s Incremental Backup feature

An incremental backup is a type of backup that only saves the changes made to your data since your last backup. Regular incremental backups are efficient ways to back up your iPhone data quickly and safely. With our Incremental Backup feature, you perform an initial full backup, and then all subsequent backups are incremental only. You can view your scans and recover and restore specific items, giving you much more control over the recovery process than the standard iTunes and iCloud iPhone backups.

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1. Connect your iOS device

Using your USB cable, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer or laptop. The software should connect to your device automatically. If this is your first time connecting the device, then you may need to tap ‘Trust’ on your device and computer.

Connect your iOS device

2. Choose data types for your incremental backup*

Select the types of data that you want to include in your incremental backup and then click ‘Start Scan’.

*Your very first backup will be a full backup, which will take longer than subsequent incremental backups.

Choose datatypes to be incrementally backed up

3. Scan your device

Wait while the software scans your device – the duration of the scan will depend on which data types you choose and the size of your device’s database. While the scan is processing, the software will create an incremental backup of your device – this data remains completely secure on your computer only.

Backup iOS device

4. Incremental backup complete

Once the scan is finished, you can view your iPhone files which are now securely stored on your computer. If you wish, you can restore or export the retrieved data. The backup will automatically display the next time you scan your device.

Step five – View data

5. Start Backing up your device more frequently

We recommend regularly scanning your device with Enigma Recovery – this will enable the software to continue adding new data to the backup, reducing the scan time for your device.

Download and open Enigma Recovery

6. Find deleted iPhone data

If you accidentally lose or delete data from your iPhone, don’t panic! Simply connect your iPhone to Enigma Recovery and scan your device – the software will compare the current data on your iPhone to your last Incremental Backup* and efficiently recover your deleted data. With Enigma Recovery’s Incremental Backup, you can view your previous scans and recover and restore specific data items.

*An initial, full backup must have been performed originally

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