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Why should I back up my data?

At Enigma Recovery, we have been helping our customers to recover their lost iPhone data for ten years. Over the past decade, as technology has advanced and the amount of data we all generate has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to recover every data item.

To help prevent our customers from losing their data in the first place, last year we developed Incremental Backup – a unique, built-in backup service for iOS devices – which allows you to securely create a back-up on your PC or Mac. Our fully integrated backup functionality enables you the user to own and manage your content (photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc) through your own connected PC, making it easier to protect valuable personal data fast.

With Enigma Recovery’s Incremental Backup feature, you perform an initial full backup, and then all subsequent backups are incremental only, saving you time. You can view your scans and recover and restore specific items, giving you much more control over the recovery process than the standard iTunes and iCloud iPhone backups.

Regularly backing up your iPhone is the best way to safeguard your information and prevent data loss, pure and simple.

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