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The Enigma Recovery journey has been a long one starting back in 2003. Every successful company has a compelling story to tell and ours is no different.  Many companies may want to hide their metamorphosis from one thing to another, but I feel it’s enlightening and interesting to know and share.  I have no shame in both my evolution as an entrepreneur and the evolution of the companies I have started over the last 20 years.

2003: LM Technologies is formed


By 2003, I had decided that I wanted to be a part of the mobile market, which I saw as the start of a truly connected world for people of all backgrounds to share in. The idea of cutting edge technology being available to the mass market without the high price tag is something that I still believe in today. With a few business ventures already behind me, I was looking to develop a specialist home telephone that would allow users to transfer their contacts from their mobile SIM Card to their landline telephone. The purpose of the product would be to overcome the annoyance of having to separately enter a number into a telephone when you already had it stored on your SIM, but also to avoid the higher cost of lazily using your expensive mobile phone to place a call.

Whilst looking for manufacturers to partner with, I came across a company based in Hong Kong, who was developing SIM tool products that would allow the user to put their SIM Card into a SIM Reader and view their SIM card data on their computer. Sensing the potential for this as there were few (if any) products like this available to the UK market, I set up a partnership, LM Technologies, with my then business partner, Michael Sims (hence the L & M). We mailed 1000 mobile retailers in the UK and the next day we were receiving orders for the SIM products. Around the same time, we secured a deal with BVRP (now Avanquest), an international software company, to sell the Mobile Phone Tools software exclusively in the UK.

The software enabled users to connect their mobile phones to their computer. At the time, handset manufacturers were not including this type of solution in the box for customers, but there were high levels of demand for the product. As things started to take off, Michael and I realised that we needed to take our business to the next level. With the success of the SIM Card products and the deal with BVRP, we wrote a business plan which was approved by HSBC, and set up LM Technologies as a limited company in 2004.

2004: LM Technologies as a Limited Company


Once we had set up LM Technologies in Birmingham, I moved down from Liverpool and Michael moved up from London, to give the business our full attention. We got an office near the centre of the city and brought on more staff to help. Our mobile phone tools and SIM tools products were selling well; however as is always the case in the technology industry the market moved quickly and the handset manufacturers started including the equivalent of the Mobile Phone Tools software in the box to end users, significantly reducing the demand for a 3rd party solution. By 2006, we were no longer selling the Mobile Phone Tools software, and it was at this time that we started selling a wide range of products, including chocolate fountains, gadgets, gizmos and inflatable sumo suits….you name it we sold it, as we had to pay off the £60k HSBC bank loan and pay ourselves and our staff a salary!

2007: Our first major move into the mobile recovery market


The SIM Master was still a major product for us however, and as we got more sales, we started getting requests from customers who wanted a product that could recover deleted messages from the SIM Card as well. We went back to our manufacturer and worked with them to produce and import the SIM Recovery product into the UK for sale, which could recover deleted messages from the SIM card – this product has sold over 40,000 units worldwide since 2007 and is still selling today. In 2008, we received a first round equity investment from 2 VC investors, Mercia and AEGF, to develop a range of industrial Bluetooth products from PCB design level all the way to finished goods. The Bluetooth range was Michael’s idea after spending time in Shenzhen, China and seeing the opportunity opening up in the “IOT” Internet of things market place for wireless connected devices.

With the growth in the smartphone market,  I started looking at developing smartphone recovery software, focusing on iPhone and Android models. By 2011, we had a beta version of what has now become the SmartPhone Recovery Pro for iPhone. In 2012, I made the decision to complete a management buyout and set up Infinity Wireless, the legal business that owns the Enigma Recovery brand. LM Technologies still exists as a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi design and manufacturing company based in London, UK. This was a natural process as Michal had already moved the Bluetooth side of the business down to London in 2008 to help with recruitment of Bluetooth developers, so the company was operating with two divisions prior to the MBO.

2012: Infinity Wireless and Enigma Recovery


After the MBO in June 2012 Infinity Wireless was initially focused on 2 separate markets, mobile broadband wireless products and data recovery software. However after a few months, it became clear that our focus should be on the data recovery software market so we closed the wireless division and we invested more heavily into this, bringing our development team in-house to develop our iPhone Recovery software for mass market availability. Customers from every corner of the world have bought an Enigma Recovery product, from the distressed consumer whose data has been deleted to police forces trying to catch criminals. Over the last 11 years the company has sold over 50,000 SIM card recovery products (since 2006), 20,000 mobile phone management software licenses (since 2003), 60,000 iPhone Recovery software licenses (since 2011), with two new software titles ready to be released in late 2014.

The team and I have gone through many ups and downs since 2003 and many miles have been travelled both metaphorically and literally. In this time frame we have employed a combined total of 100+ people in 5 countries, 8 offices in 4 countries, shipped and sold both physical and digital product to virtually every country on the planet. Business has been tremendously hard but the rewards just in personal satisfaction of learning, achievement and ambition completely outweighs the difficulties and risks.

Recently infinity Wireless secured a major investment from a London based Investment Company and is now looking to grow the product range to include SD Card Recovery and Android recovery. Since I took that first step over 11 years ago the company and I  have travelled a very exciting but arduous journey to get to where Enigma is today, a globally recognised brand for recovering deleted data from mobile devices. Today Enigma Recovery has a dedicated team of 11 people that are 100% focused on developing a world leading range of data recovery software products for today’s digital products. We have a combined 30 years of experience in data recovery and consumer software development.

We are now at a critical mass stage as a result of being completely focused for over 2 years to become the world’s leading consumer data recovery provider. I hope you enjoyed the insight into the journey the company has travelled so far and I would like to leave an image that says more than a 1000 words. But even these great illustrations can not get close to the reality of the roller-coaster ride of being an entrepreneur.


CEO Infinity Wireless Ltd

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  • Steve Boryk at 2:57 am

    Hi. I have been looking for some time for an app or program that will simply allow me to back up and restore my Contacts, my Notes, and my Pictures to my PC, which runs Windows 7, from my iPhone 5. I would much rather back up to my PC then to the Cloud or to iTunes. In the process of backing up the Notes and the Contacts, it would be a huge plus if those files could be edited on the PC in ASCII and then restored to the iPhone. It seems like a simple request to me, but I’m not all that technical, so maybe there is a good reason this type of app or program hasn’t been developed. If it has, it is well hidden, because Internet searches in many different forms have not revealed any hints at all. Can you help me, or at least set my thinking straight? Thank you for your time. Steve Boryk [email protected]

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