Our mission is to help you take control of your data

We are dedicated to the creation of modern solutions for everyday smart devices

Who We Are

Enigma Recovery is dedicated to providing users with solutions to control their data. With a strong focus on desktop software and mobile applications, our products are used to recover, view and manage data on some of today’s most popular smart devices.

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Our History

We sold our first software license in 2013, after recognising early on how difficult it can be for individuals to get back lost or deleted data through manufacturers or operators. We embarked on our journey, with the stated aim of providing convenient and accessible data management and recovery solutions, without the traditionally high price tag. Since then, our products have been used by individuals and businesses across the globe.

Along the way, we have raised 2 rounds of investment from Boundary Capital Partners and Mangrove Capital Partners. We’ve focused on building our team and expanding our product capabilities as we grow. Enigma is always looking at new ways of improving and innovating – we were the first data recovery company in the world to launch an iOS app, capable of restoring deleted data back to the app on an iOS device. We’re currently working on a couple of very exciting projects that will offer convenient data management solutions to even more users.

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Our charity of choice

We’re currently sponsoring Guide Dogs UK, supporting their work in training guide dog puppies. You can learn more about the work that Guide Dogs UK do here