The 5 Best Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

The 5 Best Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life
The 5 Best Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life
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We’ve all been there when you glance over at your iPhone to find that it’s in the 20% or lower red battery zone. It’s always a dreaded sight, especially when you’ve spent the best part of the morning charging it to a safe 100%!

Part of the problem lies within the regular iOS software upgrades that we have become privy to. Yes it seems like a good idea to upgrade at the time, and it does make your phone look fantastic once it’s downloaded, but all the new intelligent features that are added ultimately end up draining your precious battery, if not managed correctly.

So to help you in this area we’ve drawn up a list of top tips on how to extend your iPhone battery life. Scroll down and follow these easy steps.

1. Change the Brightness

Turn on the Auto-Brightness feature.

By switching the Auto-Brightness feature on, you activate the iPhone’s ambient light sensor. This will set the brightness of the screen according to the light around it, saving your iPhone battery by using less power in darker surroundings. Now isn’t that clever!

Go to your Settings → Wallpapers & Brightness → select Auto-Brightness

iPhone settings

iPhone settings brightness


Turn down the Brightness.

Simply swipe upwards from the locked or home screen, to access the Control Centre. Then swipe the slider to turn the Brightness down.

iPhone homescreen

extent iphone battery life

2. Turn off Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh function allows the apps to occasionally refresh themselves while you’re not using them. This too can take its toll on the phone’s battery life. To save your battery, it’s best to disable all the apps you don’t wish to refresh. For example, if you’re not keeping a swift eye on the stock market, you might as well turn that one off.

Go into Settings → select General → select Background App Refresh. You can now disable the relevant apps.

iphone settings

iphone settings general

iphone settings background app refresh

3. Turn off Locations feature

Some services like the locations feature are added to improve user experiences but, unfortunately if your battery’s low they may have to go.

Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services → System Services → Now select the location services you wish to turn off. We recommend you deselect Popular Near Me, Location-Based iAds and Frequent Locations to see fast results.

iphone settings

iphone settings privacy

iphone location services

iphone system services

iphone system services

iphone frequent locations

4. Turn off automatic App Updates

This feature enables your apps to automatically update to newer versions, without the need to manually update through the App Store, as was the case in previous iOS versions.  Whilst they are useful, automatic app updates are also to blame when your iPhone battery is failing fast.

Go to Settings → iTunes & App Store → deselect Update

iphone settings

iphone settings itunes and apps

5. Turn off Background Motion (for iOS7)

If you tilt your phone from side to side while on the Home Screen you’ll notice that both the apps and the wall paper move around slightly, and in different directions. That’s the Background Motion feature added to the iOS 7 software. Follow the steps below to save your battery and remove this feature, unless you enjoy watching the apps jump around from time to time.

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce Motion → select Reduce Motion

iphone settings

iphone settings general

iphone settings accessibility

iphone settings reduce motion

Have these tips helped you? Do you have any more tips that work for you? Comment Below.


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