Recover lost iPhone photos from iTunes backup

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Retrieve iPhone Photos

A step by step 1 minute Video Tutorial:

Have you accidentally deleted important pictures on your iPhone? Are you looking for a way to retrieve those lost pictures? Have you synced your iPhone with iTunes recently? You have come to the right place!

The SmartPhone Recovery Pro is an easy to use downloadable software that not only helps you recover lost iPhone photos from an iTunes backup file, but also SMS Messages, Calendar items, Call History, Contacts, Notes and more. If you synced your iPhone with your iTunes before deleting the photo, the software can help you find the photo that you need.

Recovering your iPhone photos is a 3 step process:

(1) Download – (2) Install – (3) Recover

Lets go through the steps one by one:


1. Download

Download SmartPhone Recovery to your MAC or PC:

Download Mac button

Download Win Button


2. Install

Please follow the step by step instructions and complete the installation process of SmartPhone Recovery:

srp installation

Also see the following installation tutorials: [ Getting Started on Windows ] And [ Getting Started on MAC ]


3. Recover

By connecting your iPhone to a Laptop/PC/Mac:


Scan and the interface will display the recovered data:














You can then export your photos to your MAC or PC.

Need help going through the process? We have a special team dedicated to give you the optimal experience and guide you through the recovery process if necessary:



SmartPhone Recovery has been internationally accredited and appeared on the following:



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