Recover Lost iPad Notes

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Have you lost important iPad notes? Are you now wondering how to Recover Lost iPad Notes?


“I lost important notes from my iPad. I desperately need to get them back!”

This page provides you the ultimate solution to recover deleted iPad notes.

Many people wonder how to Recover Lost iPad Notes which they have lost. It’s very common.

The SmartPhone Recovery Pro is a downloadable software, which does exactly that: Recover lost iPad notes. In fact, it doesn’t only recover lost iPad Notes, but much more!

Download and install the following software and follow the easy instructions below:

Download for Windows                          Download for Mac
Windows1        Mac1
A Free Trial version for both Operating Systems is available here.


Recover Deleted iPad Notes Scenario:

Let’s go through an example:

 IMG_0037 IMG_0039 IMG_0040

At 15:25, there was a Note called “Testing note”. It was deleted.


So how does SmartPhone Recovery Pro Recover lost iPad Notes?

It’s done in 6 simple steps:



Firstly, connect your iPad to a MAC/PC/Laptop:


Allow your (OS) Operating System to install any upgrades if necessary.


Open SmartPhone Recovery Pro by double-clicking on it:


If you are using the Digital Download Version, go to STEP-3.


If you are using the USB/Flash Drive version, this is the screen you will see:

 SmartPhone Recovery 1

Click on Mac if the OS you are using is a Mac, and click on the iPhone icon if the OS you are using is Windows.


If you are using the FREE trial Version from the Enigma website, you will have the following screen in front of you:


You can now chose to Continue with the Trial Version or Upgrade to the Full Version.


If you have followed the previous steps correctly, this screen will open:

 SmartPhone Recovery 2

There are two options available:

1-      “iPhone” (if you want to recover directly from your iPad)
2-      “PC” (if you want to recover from the iTunes backup)

If you have clicked “iPhone” continue to STEP-5. If you have clicked “PC” go to STEP-4.


If you have clicked on PC in STEP-3, this screen will open:


Here you can select an iTunes backup file to explore and here you recover from a previous backup. This would have been created, if you have connected your iPad to the PC/Laptop/Mac. If you have lost your phone, or it has been stolen, you can recover your Notes here through your backup files.

Select the required backup file and click “Open” to continue. This screen comes up:


Select “Manifest” and click “Open” to open the backup.


By clicking on iPhone in STEP-3, the following screen will open:


To recover deleted iPad Notes, select Notes in the drop-down menu. As you can see on the screenshot, we have been able to recover our testing note.

You can export this information by simply clicking on “Export to Excel” in the bottom left hand corner. This will extract the Note and place it into an Excel document.

(Note: If you are using the Free Trial version of the SmartPhone Recovery Pro, the software will display the total number of deleted files that are recoverable only. If you wish to access these files, including deleted notes, please upgrade to the full version of the software.)


Now assign your export file a name and a location:


We called it “Recovered Notes”, but you can name it whatever you like. Then click on “Save” to save the file.

All done!

Now when you open the Excel document, it contains our deleted testing note:


That’s how you Recover Lost iPad Notes.

Author: Mohammad